Brick and Mortar Innovation: Capturing Imaginations

Brick and Mortar Innovation: Capturing Imaginations

What gets customers through a door? Is it the quality of the product? The convenience?

Basic good service may have been the primary deciding factor a short number of years ago, but today people are looking for more. They’re looking for an experience. They’re looking for cool.

The essence of cool is subjective. If you asked us, we’d say it can be boiled down to something unexpected, something new, and something that makes you feel like you’re a part of an exclusive club.

Sign Of The Times

We’re happy to prove the headlines wrongthe brick and mortar apocalypse isn’t happening. Innovative brick and mortar is thriving as it goes through a shift. Jogogo can get you on the frontlines of that shift without having to completely redesign your establishment.

So what can you bring to your establishment that will provide efficiency and customer inclusion? It’s as simple as connecting to any mobile device your visitors already carry. Through Jogogo’s technology, you can understand each and every customer that walks through your door, giving them an entirely personalized experience.

Serving Up Something Special

Imagine: as a restaurant owner in London, you take your day off to look for inspiration to drive more traffic to your establishment. You hear about Inamo, an interactive restaurant said to simplify your dining experience, while keeping you entertained.

You’re not sure what to expect, but you like the idea of entertainment being a part of your meal experience, so you give it a go.

When you’re shown to your table at Inamo, you’re not handed a menu. Instead, a projector lights your table to unveil a menu on one side of you, and a photo of a dish in your plate. Using the built-in touchpad, you scroll through the displayed menu, each item appearing on your plate. Once you’ve ordered, you use the chef-cam to watch your meal being prepared while playing games and drawing digital graffiti on the tabletop.

The food was fantastic, but you’re not thinking about that. Instead, you’re thinking how can I bring an immersive experience like this to my restaurant? There’s no way I can afford all this.

That’s where Jogogo comes in.

We don’t provide projectors and chef-cams. What we do is make your customers feel like they are a part of their dining experience. The main factor in Inamo’s innovation is automation and digital interaction.

You don’t need to break the bank for that. You just need a smart engagement and analytics platform.

Welcome To Your Dining Experience

Using Jogogo makes it easy to integrate technology to the ordering process.  

Consider: an interactive menu that you direct visitors to when they check in. Diners would receive customized messages that drive engagement and a personal connection to your food. Imagine a customer clicking on an item on a digital menu to be brought to a landing page with a message from the chef. Not only do they see the dish they also get to read about the inspiration behind it and what makes it unique to the restaurant.

When a customer connects to the wifi, filters can recognize them from a previous visit. Messages greeting diners by name, suggesting a special their segmented demographic might like or serving them a promotion for special nights and events connect them to your brand. Because you’ve made such an impact, they’re likely to be back next week to see what else the chef suggests.

You may not have spent money on projectors and a chef-cam, but you’ve captured the feeling that you had at Inamo. The feeling of inclusion in the food experience, and a sense of belonging.

We See You Eyeing the Produce


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Design and Food – 4. Whenever a shopper in the Coop supermarket in the Bicocca Village shopping centre in Milan reaches towards an orange, box of biscuits or one of the six thousand other products on sale there details of its nutritional qualities, price, possible allergens, how it should be disposed of and other information flash up on an overhead mirror. The supermarket is equipped with motion sensitive sensors that identify whenever anyone approaches a product, and provides the information they may need to decide whether or not to buy it. More information is emblazoned on a large wall where fifty digital screens relay details of special offers and in-store events. The Coop’s customers could probably find most of this information online, but it would take ages to find it. This Coop was designed by Carlo Ratti Associati as a “supermarket of the future” to demonstrate how we might shop for food in years to come. The first version opened at the World Expo Milano in 2015, and has since been adapted for Bicocca Village. #design #supermarketofthefuture @crassociati @bicocca_village #worldexpomilano @coop_lombardia #designandfood

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Mixing technology and human emotion doesn’t stop at restaurants.

Italian supermarket chain Coop tested a tech-filled concept in Milan with the idea of cultivating sustainable consumption.

Above the rows of produce are smart tables that track customer movement. As customers reach for the red peppers, the screen displays the story of the product: where it’s from, how it was grown, nutritional information, allergens, how to properly dispose of it, and more.

Not only does this feature add an entertainment factor to the store, it has substantial value for customers, allowing them to make the most informed decisions possible.

Put the Information in their Hands

You don’t need hundreds of expensive screens to capture that level of connection. The answer is in the palm of your visitors’ hands, right through their mobile devices.

Using Jogogo’s features like lists and digital check-ins can provide the same product insights using your store’s wifi connection. Using wifi to determine what zones customers are in while in the store, you can program multiple check-ins to redirect to a landing page that’s specific to the zone they’re looking at, providing all the information they may need in order to make a decision.

By keeping track of repeat shoppers, personalized messages upon arrival can tell customers what’s in stock from their regular shopping list and give promotional codes for products that fit their shopping profile.

We Can’t Wait to See You Next Time

Connect with your customers.

Technology that drives engagement doesn’t only add a sense of inclusion to customer word of mouth is the most effective advertising, and when you provide a memorable experience, the buzz spreads.

It’s not just about a tangible idea of cool. Jogogo’s technology is a solution to crafting a deeper emotional connection with your customers.

The brick and mortar shift is about understanding what creates a feeling of recognition in customers. They love cool factor of feeling involved in your shopping experience and knowing a brand is looking out for their specific needs. With the technology Jogogo provides, you can improve your business while putting customers first.