the Switch

Shine a light on in-store consumer behaviour with data and insights that allow you to connect directly with customers. In real time.
The digitization in retail industry is possible now.

Turn on the lights.

The digital transformation in retail industry starts with measuring.

Digital metrics. Physical spaces.

Revolutionize in store digital experience.

Make it personal.

We're more than in store wifi tracking

Turn on the lights.

• Track customer movement with precision sensors
• Seamlessly collect data through wifi check-ins
• Measure zone performances with location accuracy
• Exclude or include areas for tracking depending on goals

Advanced retail store analysis
Innovative shopper tracking technology
Innovative analytics in retail sector

Digital metrics. Physical spaces.

• Collect behavioural data via mobile devices
• Calculate walkbys, visitors and bounce rate
• Measure in-store visits and activity
• Integrate real-time data into your existing digital system
Ready for retail digital transformation?

Make it personal.

• Engage with customers one-on-one
• Tailor your message, offer or assistance
• Make every interaction unique and personalized
• Trigger in-store activations
Let in-store analytics help you build better shopping experiences!

It’s almost
too easy.

No beacons.
No app.
Existing infrastructure.

All you need to start is a wifi connection and Jogogo technology.
Real-time data is available immediately, letting you reshape the customer experience from the moment you hit on.
What are you waiting for?

Easy customer tracking for the brick and mortar businesses

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