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We partner with brick-and-mortar businesses to bring the power and clarity of online analytics and insights to the offline experience.

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We work with global leaders in telecommunications and cloud computing to help their customers shed a light on in-store activity and analytics.

We’re changing the way multiple industries understand their clients:

Large venues with high-density foot traffic and wifi infrastructure (casinos, stadiums, QSRs, etc.) and

Data analysis in retail industry
Behavior analytics in retail
Grocery retail analytics
Create the perfect shopping experience

Experts at connection?
Us, too.

Does your company specialize in wifi access points? Connectivity? How about POS systems?

Talk with us to find out how you can bring your clients an easy to use digital solution that complements your existing tech portfolio.

We’re all about clarity.

Businesses need to understand customer behaviour in brick-and-mortar locations with the same depth they understand customer behaviour online. Jogogo’s cloud-based platform lets you effortlessly collect actionable offline insights and data.

Advanced retail store analysis

Collect behavioural data on consumer activity in your establishment, in real-time.

Innovative shopper tracking technology

See how making smarter choices based on the data collected in your physical locations can impact overall conversion rates.

Let in-store analytics help you build better shopping experiences!
Ready for retail digital transformation?

Trigger conversations with customers when it matters most - during in-store visits - to provide an enhanced shopping experience and increase brand loyalty.

Learn more how to how to improve in store shopping experience

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