About us

We are seasoned entrepreneurs, technologists, Internet of Things Specialists & Retail-Data junkies who strive to create products and experiences that push the boundaries of technology and imagination. Our entrepreneurial attitude and attention to detail is driven by our desire to make a positive contribution to the ongoing Retail Revolution.


It’s no secret that brick-and-mortar operations are struggling to match the convenience, selection, and personalization of online shopping. That’s why Retailers are beginning to prioritize technologies that bring together online and offline shopping experiences and engage with consumers on a one to one level wherever they shop.

At a time where Retail is subject to radical shifts, Jogogo’s mission focuses on contributing to the industry’s ongoing digital transformation. We strive to provide retailers with tools to bridge the gap between the physical and digital domains, applying the principles of analytics traditionally reserved to online commerce to brick-and-mortar Retail.

Our objective is to provide Retailers with better Business Intelligence with a unified mobile commerce solution that allows them to digitize their retail space and measure, identify and communicate with consumers in real-time during the customer journey.

Ready to get started?Jogogo brings Retailers a unified mobile commerce solution allowing them to measure, identify and communicate with their customers in real-time, digitizing the retail spaceRequest demo