What We Learned — Channel Partners Conference & Expo

What We Learned — Channel Partners Conference & Expo

Jogogo took on Las Vegas! While we didn’t partake in the typical Vegas activities, we did take part in something great. From April 17th to the 19th, the Jogogo team was at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, the largest Managed Service Provider (MSP) conference in the world.


For the first time Jogogo is looking at MSP as a new angle, and what better place to try something new than Las Vegas? It was a busy week of meeting leaders and seeing how businesses are bringing added value to their services, so we recapped the main things we learned.

1.Going Monthly

Maybe it has something to do with all the streaming services we use, but people are catching on to monthly billing.

Historically, MSP’s typical form of payment was billing per hour. But now, monthly recurring billing seems to be the more popular option. It’s simple, and allows you to know exactly what to expect from your bill every month, no surprises. For Jogogo, it allows us to grow with our clients, providing what they need today. We’re sure that in a very short amount of time, it will be the norm.

2.Analytics is Booming

Over the course of the conference, two areas stood out as the most talked about sectors in MSP: Artificial Intelligence (as usual) and analytics.

Analytics is on the rise, thankfully for us, and is being recognized in a number of industries (security was a big one). Analytics can touch just about anything, and now more than ever, people are catching on and excited to see what services like Jogogo can provide in terms of value to their businesses. This brings us to our third point:

3.You Need to Stand Out

Welcome to the real world, where power of margin is an issue, especially for MSPs. As competition grows, so do competitive prices, and the services available. So what set’s a company apart? How can you be different?

Well in Jogogo’s case, a lot. Not only is our service compelling and beneficial to just about any industry, but it makes analytics easy, which as we learned in Las Vegas, is not typically the case. Combine all that with the added value we bring, and our monthly billing, Jogogo stands out from the sea of competitors we saw at the Channels Expo.