Bricks and Clicks: How Click & Collect Drives Traffic & Engagement

Bricks and Clicks: How Click & Collect Drives Traffic & Engagement

Customers like ecommerce. They like the convenience, they like the selection, and they like being able to combine both with shopping on their lunch break or from their bed.

Things they don’t like are expensive shipping rates and waiting around for delivery. While ecommerce retailers have been working to reduce delivery times and costs, some savvy brick-and-mortar retailers have been hard at work perfecting a customer-pleasing alternative: click and collect.

With click and collect, or buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) as it’s commonly known in the US, customers purchase items online and pick up in-store, eliminating delivery times and costs. Click and collect is growing in popularity with consumers — this past holiday season it grew by 46% — because it’s worth it for them, but is it worth it for retailers?

Is Click And Collect Worth It?  

Let’s start with the facts: a significant percentage of customers want to be able to shop anywhere and collect their purchase whenever they want. It’s become so popular that in places like the UK, three out of four shoppers prefer the system.

Only around a third of Canadian retailers have adopted it, but Canadian companies are intrigued by the rapid adoption in countries like the UK and the United States. Whether or not you decide click and collect is right for your business, make no mistake — customers respond to it. Millennial customers like it even better than home delivery.

Ultimately, the desire for the system alone isn’t a good enough reason for a retailer to implement it — but the potential impacts on business might be. Click and collect effectively creates another channel to drive traffic to your store, as buy online shoppers are overwhelmingly open to purchasing more once in the store.

Including a click and collect option for your business can be worth it based on the traffic it drives to your store alone. Driving existing customers to your brick-and-mortar establishment is one way to increase brand loyalty and sales.

Click and collect customers already like your products there’s a good chance they’ll buy more once they’re in-store.

Showroom and Collect?

Showrooming, the practice of testing a product in a store and buying it online elsewhere, is an ongoing problem for retailers. Its alternative, using the internet for research and driving traffic in-store, is called webrooming. Despite being opposite processes, showrooming and webrooming have a lot in common. A smart click and collect system can speak to both of them, and even convert some showroomers into webroomers or regular customers, if they enjoy their in-store experience.

Showroomers often buy online because what they’re ultimately looking for are deals. But there are plenty of in-store advantages that can win showroomers over, including the overpriced delivery fees and inconvenient shipping times. Focusing some effort on optimizing the in-store experience encourages showroomers to become buyers — but even if they don’t buy during their first visit, making a strong in-store impression will help your business top-of-mind.

It may seem counterintuitive to encourage customers to shop outside of your store, but sometimes all you need to ensure a showroomer is converted into a customer is a clear indication in-store that you offer click and collect. If you offered a memorable experience, they’ll remember you, and in an era of convenience, they’ll appreciate the flexibility.

Click and Experience

Customers are interested in click and collect systems, and the system itself is a great way to get online-only shoppers into the store. But driving engaged customers into the store means your in-store experience also needs to level-up. Experience is everything for these customers, as it will only reinforce the value click and collect shoppers get out of coming into the store.

Everybody appreciates a personalized touch to the consumer experience and no one more so than existing click and collect customers. The best way to make an impression on these shoppers is with a simple platform like Jogogo, with easy to use tools you can personalize for every visitor.

With Jogogo in your toolbox, you can track the impact click and collect system is having on your store. It gives you a holistic view of your business by letting you bridge the digital and the physical experiences.